Testing Laboratory

"ARMSERT" LLC was established in 2016. In March, 2017, "National Certification Body" was accredited by SNOC as a product certification body and testing laboratory with national and EAEU technical regulations, whose scope of accreditation includes communication, household, electrical equipment and radio electronic devices.

"ARMSERT" LLC has a testing laboratory and a product certification body, where it is planned to carry out tests of electrical and radio-electrical equipment, cables, as well as certification of product conformity to the requirements of standards and technical regulations, registration of conformity declarations.

In order to carry out its activities, the testing laboratory is provided with appropriate equipment and measuring means, which enable the tests to be carried out and, as a result, to obtain accurate answers and provide high-quality services.

"ARMSERT" LLC testing laboratory conducts tests using standard methods.

The staff of the testing laboratory includes experienced specialists who have passed qualification courses, participated in seminars and have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the tests at a proper level.